Google criticizes Apple for not implementing RCS texting, claiming the iPhone is still trapped in the 1990s.

Apple’s refusal to implement RCS or Rich Communication Services has always made Google angry. On the 30th anniversary of SMS, Google turned its attention to Apple after initiating a campaign to pressure the company to adopt RCS. RCS is an improvement above conventional SMS. RCS will allow users to transmit multimedia communications, such as photographs, movies, or stickers, in addition to traditional text messages. In a blog post, Google claimed that while most mobile companies have turned to RCS, Apple is taking its time. The search engine behemoth observed that even after 30 years, Apple had not shown any interest in RCS.

Google criticizes Apple for not implementing RCS texting

“Every major mobile carrier and manufacturer, except Apple, has adopted RCS as the standard. When people with iPhones message people with Android phones, Apple refuses to implement RCS and continues to rely on SMS, keeping their texting trapped in the 1990s. In a blog post titled Happy birthday and farewell, SMS, Neena Budhiraja, Group Product Manager at Messages by Google, hoping that it might “#GetTheMessage” and end the “green-versus-blue bubble” debate once and for all.

Budhiraja added that RCS is intended to function across all platforms. Except for Apple, all major mobile carriers and producers have accepted RCS as the industry standard.

To facilitate communication between iPhones, Apple offers its iMessage service. When communicating with an Android device, the Cupertino-giant turns to conventional messaging services, although the services are secure and encrypted. The benefits are not as interactive as they could be, the layout is unappealing due to the green bubble, and it is challenging to transfer multimedia between iOS and Android devices without an additional app. Google pleads with Apple to use the Rich Communication services to resolve the problem.

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