Meta fired 11 000 workers but failed to provide promised severance money to all of them

Up to 11,000 employees of Facebook’s parent business Meta were recently laid off, and the corporation offers them many financial rewards. However, it appears that the tech giant is not providing everyone with the promised severance. According to reports, several employees are upset that they receive less severance pay after being let go than other employees.

According to CNBC, these people are a part of Meta’s Sourcer Development Program, which “assists professionals from different backgrounds in securing positions in corporate technology recruiting.” Such initiatives aid individuals without professional backgrounds in obtaining apprenticeships at Meta for various positions. In the company’s most recent round of layoffs, more than 60 program participants were let go.

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Recently, Meta announced the layoff of thousands of workers

and even stated that it would compensate all affected workers. It guaranteed to pay a base severance of 16 weeks plus an additional two weeks for each year of service. The tech behemoth added that Meta would provide health care assistance by covering the costs. This offer is valid for employees’ families for six months.

Employees, however, complained to CNBC that the company only offered three months of COBRA insurance and eight weeks of base salary. They further asserted that the IT company has not explained why they are receiving lower pay despite being full-time employees instead of contract workers.

According to the quoted source, some affected employees even wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, and other officials to let them know about the reduced severance package and beg them to fix it.

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“Even our former managers insist we were confuse, and all the information they were getting was that we were offered. 16 weeks of pay and 6 months of health insurance,” the group claim in a letter.

The word follow the statement. “Leadership may not have aware that the last SDP class, which start in April 2022. Was repeatedly assured by their leadership that any potential layoff will. Not impact their current employment but will most likely impact the company’s ability to consider them for a full-time role.” The tech company has not yet responded to the group.

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