Elon Musk is now firing a janitor after firing Twitter engineers

Elon Musk, the former CEO of Tesla, was appointed the new CEO of Twitter, and since then, he has let go of thousands of employees worldwide, including those in India. According to reports, Musk let go nearly 90% of the employees based in India; now only 20–24 people are left. According to the most recent information from Twitter’s corporate headquarters, Musk is letting go of janitors.

A report from the NBC Bay Area claims that beginning last Friday, Musk locked out many janitors without giving them advance notice. When Twitter abruptly ended the contract, the local Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was alerted, necessitating the cleanup of Twitter headquarters. Employees were locked out of the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco shortly after the contract expired. Since the abrupt layoff announcement, the janitors union has been demonstrating with signs and banners.

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According to Olga Miranda, the president of the janitor’s union, “Twitter told our cleaning contractor at Twitter that they are cutting the contract.” “So 48 families are currently without jobs. And it so happens that there are still three weeks till Christmas,” Miranda said. The union added that they would like to discuss the situation with Twitter’s CEO, Musk. Neither Twitter nor Musk made a formal statement regarding the case.

Elon Musk abruptly dismissed roughly 1200 engineers

Recently, Musk abruptly dismissed roughly 1200 engineers. After Musk’s “ultimatum mail,” which demanded that workers sign an email agreeing to be a part of the “hardcore” work culture, many engineers left their positions voluntarily. While many workers chose to work in Musk’s strict culture, many others decided to resign with three months’ pay.

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Twitter’s new CEO is starting again and rebranding the business as Twitter 2.0. The billionaire has sacked close to 5000 workers worldwide so far. Following several layoffs, it has been claimed that Twitter has begun the hiring process to grow its engineering staff. Musk recently asked for information about staff members who are familiar with coding languages in an email to colleagues.

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