Here is how Truecaller works now that it displays phone numbers for verified government officials and services

People may now identify the phone numbers of authorized government employees using a new function that Truecaller has launched. A digital directory with real phone numbers of public servants or services has been included in the app. The business asserts that the data came directly from the government and official government sources. Here is all the information you require.

Verified government accounts will be simple to identify if you have Truecaller set up to identify unknown numbers. The app will now indicate that the number is legitimate and not a hoax by showing a green background and a blue tick. Scammers calling pretending to be government representatives and causing victims to lose money; should aid in reducing fraud.

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The new feature will also defend you against con artists who might impersonate government service providers, sparing you with the consequences and harm of impersonation. In a blog post, Truecaller said it hoped to “simplify public access to government representatives and help our over 240 million Indian users connect with the government in a hassle-free manner” with this initiative.

The business promises to add confirmed numbers from other departments and states to the functionality in the following months. At this time, Truecaller has coverage for approximately 23 states and union territories and almost 20 federal departments.

However, Android users are the only ones who can use the feature. When will the same be made available for the iOS app?

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How can the phone numbers of authorized government officials be verified in Truecaller?

Here is The Truecaller app contains the phone numbers of approved government authorities, so check there if you want to learn more. Click on the profile symbol, scroll down, and select “Government services.” After tapping on it, several categories will appear. You can tap on any of them to learn the phone number for the service you need. You can select your state using the app’s option as well.

Additionally, there is a quick dial section with the phone numbers and names of important government services that one might need. Additionally, there is a search bar, making it simpler to find anything you want.

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