Bad news for Netflix users, no more password sharing from next year

There is terrible news for you if you share your Netflix account password with friends and coworkers. The streaming platform has long attempted to outlaw the password-sharing industry, and reality is just around the corner. The sharing of passwords with individuals outside the home will no longer be permitted by it starting the following year.

A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that beginning in early 2023, Netflix subscribers won’t be allowed to share their account credentials with friends or anyone else outside their homes. Since several months ago, Netflix has looked at several options for stopping the password-sharing industry.

Since Netflix started offering memberships, password sharing has been a problem, but the corporation didn’t solve it until it started losing customers. After Netflix’s revenue fell early this year and the platform lost members for the first time in ten years. The firm saw the necessity to stop password sharing. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, stated earlier this year that the business would soon take action against password sharing, as it has been overdue.

Netflix will soon remove the ability to exchange passwords

Netflix will soon remove the ability to exchange passwords with anybody outside the home. It may impose a per-person fee to combat free password sharing. Simply put, it implies that if you provide your Netflix login to someone outside of your family. They will have to pay a price to access the profile. Therefore, using a friend’s Netflix account without paying will not be possible.

Several Latin American nations, including Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and others, have been participating in Netflix’s testing of the new password-sharing feature. The streaming service in these regions charges $3 (about Rs 250) for users who want to access a friend’s Netflix account. The corporation hasn’t said how much it would charge per head in India but in our opinion. The price should be almost the same as in other countries. It will monitor account activity, IP addresses, and device IDs to enforce the new password-sharing rule.

Cracking password sharing is one of the innovative strategies Netflix is attempting to use to grow its member base. To draw customers who don’t want to spend a lot on membership. The business launched a new low, ad-supported plan for $6.99 in the United States.

The four Netflix plans available in India are the mobile-only plan. The basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan. The basic, standard, and premium plan price are Rs 199, Rs 499, and Rs 649, respectively. While the mobile-only plan costs Rs 149.

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