2019 Feb - 2023

BSc (Hons) Special in IT

  • Pursuing higher studies in IT as a fourth-year first-semester student.
  • Graduation will be completed in June 2023.
    Worked on five major
  • projects at SLIIT.
  • Member of IEEE-SLIIT.
2016 June - 2018 August

GCE Advance Level

  • Completed the GCE Advanced Level Examination in the stream of Engineering Technology.
  • Established the Media Club.
  • Held the positions of junior and senior prefect.
  • Chaired an exhibition in partnership with a technology stream student.
  • Obtained three credit passes in GCE Advanced Level examinations.
2013 Jan - 2015 April

GCE Ordinary Level

  • Completed the GCE Ordinary Level Examination, focusing on Commerce, Art and ICT as bucket subjects.
  • Member of the Zahira ICT & Media Club.
  • Participated in workshops (First Aid and Social Justice Week).
  • Obtained three very good passes and six distinctions in the GCE Ordinary Level Examination.
2004 Jan - 2013 Dec

Primary and Secondary

  • Started schooling.
  • Completed Primary and junior secondary education.
  • Worked as a group and class leader in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


2023 March - Present

Founder and CEO

  • With over 4+ years of experience in web development, I am an expert in building consumer-focused websites and web applications that meet the highest standards for design, user experience, and performance. My skills include proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and MongoDB. I am a solutions-driven problem solver with a proven track record of delivering creative solutions that exceed client expectations. With strong project management skills, I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest web development trends and best practices. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to your team and contribute to your organization's success.
2022 Sep - 2023 Feb

Software Engneering Intern

  • Created user-friendly web interfaces using React.js, making sure the applications look great and are easy to navigate.
  • Developed server-side functionality using Node.js and Express.js, handling data requests smoothly.
  • Integrated MongoDB for storing and retrieving data efficiently, ensuring applications have reliable data storage.
  • Collaborated in cross-functional teams using Git, ensuring smooth teamwork and coordinated development.
2019 - Current


  • Designed and developed more than 38 client websites using WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL.
  • Familiar with building WordPress websites. Responsive when using page builders (such as elementor, wp page bakery, and Divi builder)
  • Creating websites optimised for user-friendly SEO, Speed and Accessibility.
  • Experienced with domains, hosting selection, server maintenance and AdSense.
2018 Jan - 2019 Jan

Web Developer & R&D Assistant

  • Developed more than 10 websites using WordPress for client projects and for product launching companies.
  • Created more than 6 learning kits to teach Arduino, IoT, Electrical and Electronic concepts for university and school students.
  • Assisted to manufacture some unique electrical, electronic devices and sensors using PCB design.
2020 June - 2021 June

LMS Developer & Lecturer

  • Designed and developed an LMS website using WordPress.
  • Developed and procured graphics and content to incorporate into eLearning applications.
  • Utilised best instructional design concepts to maintain the LMS and update it as required.
  • Teamed up and educated more than 18000 students freely in Arduino, IoT and Robotics Technology.
  • Maintained and updated existing eLearning courses.
  • Created scripts and storyboards while planning for a new online learning module and video.
2015 April - 2016 June

Graphic Designer - Part-time

  • Joined this field after the GCE Ordinary Level Examination.
  • Designed more than 1000 assignment covers and book covers.
  • Experienced in printing more than 100,000 papers.
  • Typed more than 12 books.
2010 May - Present

Manager - Family Business

  • Father is the Owner.
  • Implementation and maintenance of online inventory management and pos systems.
  • Self-learned and installed a CCTV security system in our shop.
  • Purchasing products from the best quality and most profitable places.

Other Experience

2018 August - 2019 Feb

Volunteer Teacher

After completing the Advanced Level Examination, I started volunteer teaching at Kekunagolla National School. subjects like ICT, GIT, and electrical electronics to more than 600 students.

Organised field trips to visit Naita and German Tech.

2018 Sep and 2019 Sep


Chaired one week-long two workshops to complete electronic and electrical concepts based on practical exams of technology stream students. Almost 120 students participated.

2020 Sep


Conducted the courses organised by Magicbit. divided into two batches, and taught electrical, electronic, Arduino, and IoT subjects under the auspices of Magic Bit. The first batch had 30 students.

Design Skills

Web Design


Print Design


Logo Design


Graphic Design


Coding Skills












  • Marketing
  • Print
  • Digital Design
  • Social Media
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Social Networking
  • Flexibility


BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Specialising in Information Technology

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Higher National Diploma in Information Technology

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Trainee- Full Stack Developer

Project Management Skills

Foundations of Project Management