How to Recover WhatsApp Videos and Photos

With millions of daily active users, WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging services. On the site, users can talk with one another and share media items, including images, movies, and more. However, due to a lack of storage, many users frequently delete large WhatsApp files, losing a lot of significant photos and videos in the process. If you did the same, you shouldn’t panic because there is a technique to get the erased files back.

How to Recover WhatsApp Videos and Photos

While WhatsApp does not have a function specifically designed to restore these media assets, there are specific ways users can apply to recover deleted images and videos. Here is a closer look at how users can return their deleted WhatsApp photographs and videos.

By default, WhatsApp saves all images and videos to the phone gallery. Therefore, the pictures will be held in the device gallery, Google Photos, or Photos for iOS, even if you sent the media and deleted it from the chat.

Restoring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

WhatsApp backs up messages and media to iCloud for iOS users and Google Drive for Android users. You could retrieve the media files if they were removed after the daily backup by restoring the backup from iCloud or Google Drive on your smartphone. To restore a backup:

How to Recover WhatsApp Videos and Photos
  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your device and reinstall.
  • Setup with the same phone number.
  • Accept it when prompted to restore the data from a backup during the setup.
  • Once the setup is completed, all the media and conversations that were successfully backed will be restored on the device.

How to Check WhatsApp Media Folder

Only Android users can restore WhatsApp media from the media folder.

  • Open the file explorer app.
  • Go to the WhatsApp folder in the root directory.
  • Now go to the media folder and WhatsApp Images folder inside it.
  • You will see all the received images in this folder.
  • Go to the sent folder,, and find the deleted photo or media there.
  • Open any WhatsApp chat.
  • Select a media and tap on the delete icon.
  • WhatsApp will prompt your four options.
  • Also, delete media received in this chat from the device gallery.
  • Delete for everyone.
  • Delete for me
  • Cancel
  • Now, uncheck the first option to avoid deleting media from the phone gallery.
How to Recover WhatsApp Videos and Photos

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