How to turn off WhatsApp message reaction Notifications

Earlier this year, WhatsApp added the message reaction capability for the iOS, Android, and web versions. The function is comparable to the Facebook and Instagram reaction tools, which lets users reply to messages in individual or group chats with an emoji. The virtual keyboard’s emojis allow users to respond to any communication.

The WhatsApp reaction tool is useful when responding quickly to a specific message. WhatsApp even notifies your contact of your emoji reaction to the news when you do so.

WhatsApp Reaction

However, the message reaction notifications might occasionally be mistaken for a message notification. Or, you may receive a string of announcements if several people in a group chat to reply to one of your messages, which is occasionally grating. The Meta-owned platform, however, also provides a fix for this issue. Users of WhatsApp can turn off message reaction notifications. Let’s quickly review how to turn off message reaction notifications.

How to disable WhatsApp message reaction notifications

  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android phone or your desktop.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu available at the top right and select Settings.
  • Next, from the options, tap and open the Notifications tab.
  • Scroll and find the Reaction Notification option.
  • Toggle and turn off ‘Show Notification for reaction to messages you send.
WhatsApp Reaction

Notably, WhatsApp allows users to disable message reaction notifications for individual and group chats separately. Therefore, deselect the reaction notification option under the “Messages” and “Groups” choices.

In the meantime, WhatsApp has begun handing out the ability to display profile pictures in group chats. WhatsApp online beta testers can access the feature. Select WhatsApp iOS beta testers can also get the part.

Additionally, WhatsApp has begun introducing a self-chat capability. Users can WhatsApp themselves messages, reminders, and shopping lists thanks to the new feature. In the upcoming weeks, the part will be accessible to all Android and iPhone users.
To tell yourself something:

  • Open WhatsApp on Android or iOS mobile.
  • Open the contact list. You will find your contact at the top of the contacts list.
  • Tap your connection, and you will be navigated to the self-chat screen where you can send messages to yourself.

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